How to prepare for PG NEET:


Each medical student clears the medical UG NEET and enters the noble medical profession. From the day admission each UG student starts thinking about post-graduation. But in the era of PG medical entrance students find it very difficult to prepare for the same. Main hurdles in the preparation of PG medical entrance are lack of time and lack of proper guidance. When students finish their MBBS they feel that it is too late to prepare for the PG entrance. Many students repeat the PG entrance examination twice or thrice in hope to get admission to post graduation. This may cause depression in many. Timely planning and wise preparation will make student exam ready and will reduce their anxiety.


It is always better to start as early as possible for PG NEET. Best time to start is right from first year of MBBS. As MBBS course is having different subjects in each year, it is better to prepare respective subjects in that particular year. For example in first year MBBS one can prepare for Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry MCQs along with other routine studies.